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Lauren R. Crisera & Clay Graham – Trial Attorneys

clay_aboutClay Graham is an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney who is sensitive to both the seriousness of being placed under arrest and charged with a crime, as well as the very real need for immediate and competent representation. As a highly experienced criminal defense attorney, Clay handles both misdemeanors and felonies including drug possession, public intoxication, DWI, and more.

Nurse License Defense Attorney

Clay also focuses a significant part of his practice by defending Registered Nurses in Texas that have been accused of violating the Nursing Practice Act by patients, colleagues, or former employers.

Clay’s fifteen years of experience in acute care and previous private practice as a Registered Nurse is the edge that you need if you are a Registered Nurse faced with allegations from the nursing board and need a nurse license defense attorney.

Through his combined experience as a defense Attorney and Registered Nurse, Clay will aggressively advocate for you at trial, or in negotiating on your behalf.

The Law Office of A. Clay Graham manages criminal cases in Dallas, and Tarrant Counties.

Clay Defends Nurses and other health care professionals throughout the State of Texas.

Clay and his associates are dedicated and prepared to provide you with quality, effective representation that is tailored to your needs.

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